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把下列句子用5个不同英文翻译 1.我生病了明天不...

翻译如下 他生病了,以致于明天不能上学 He is ill so that he can't go to school tomorrow.

We are going to visit our neighbors tomorrow. 我们明天将去拜访邻居

I can't go to work at 12 noon tomorrow. I have some things to deal with. I can work at 6 tomorrow afternoon. 望采纳 谢谢

楼主的说法虽然符合语法,但容易产生歧义。用规范表达:What are you going to be when you grow up? 因为what will you do 英语中可以是“做具体某件事”,而不一定是指某人的职业。如What will you do tomorrow?(你明天将做什么?),而 What are...

明天将会有一场足球比赛两种表达方式 There will be a football match tomorrow. There is going to be a soccer ball game tomorrow. 后天将会有两场考试 There will be two tests the day after tomorrow. There are going to be two tests th...

When will you pick me up tomorrow?唯一正确的答案。望采纳

过去将来时 形式类似于 would + do 1,would 更兼具情态动词用法: I knew you would agree. 我知道你会同意的。 2,在虚拟语气中使用: If I were you,I would go at once.如果我是你,我马上就会去。 至于你给的例句,完全不需要用过去将来时...

she will buy a bool tomorrow.

You think you can, you can.

1.Tomorrow afternoon in the plan to play basketball Going to play basketball tomorrow afternoon 2.Next year they will plant 300 trees They will plant 300 trees in next year

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