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把下列句子用5个不同英文翻译 1.我生病了明天不...

1 I can't go to school tomorrow, because i'm sick. 2 Because of the illness, I can't go to school tomorrow. 3 I'm sick, so I can't go to school tomorrow 4 As I get sick, I can't go to school tomorrow 5 I'm sick, therefore I can...

翻译如下 他生病了,以致于明天不能上学 He is ill so that he can't go to school tomorrow.

We are going to visit our neighbors tomorrow. 我们明天将去拜访邻居

你好 1两百年后树会更多。 There will be more trees after 200 years 2明年你将在上海工作吗?Will you work in Shanghai next year? 3张显明天不去看电影。 Zhangxian will not go to the movies tomorrow. 4你多久以后做作业? How soon will ...

你好,很高兴为你解答 翻译如下: I am from Shanghai. I am going to Hainan tomorrow. I like July and March. How many days in May we will have a sports day. 希望对你有帮助

1 Would you like go skirting with me? 2 I suggest you continue to do your work tomorrow。 3 We used to write to each other in the past ,but we text each other now。

1. i think it won’t be rainy tomorrow. 1.我想明天不会下雨。 2. its very interesting to shop online 2.网上购物是多么有趣的事啊! 3.the castle looks splendid with the reflection of the flames 3.城堡在焰火的映衬下显得光艳美丽 4.loo...

You think you can, you can.

I have to work tomorrow,it's a little late.so let's play together next time,

I don't need to clean up today. I'll clean up the mess after I finish the work tomorrow

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