三人一组:group together in three/three people (persons) in a group 四人一组:group together in fours/in groups of four

A group of four 词典释义 quaternionn.四个一组,四人一组,四元数 quaternityn.四个一组,四人一组,四位一体 例句 以下例句来源于网络,仅供参考 1. 或者他们应该被分成两个四人一组和一个三人一组吗? Or should they be separated into two...


病人总数38人入院四人出院两人手术三人一级护理3人用英语:The total number of patients 38 people。Hospital four people、Two people out of the hospital、Three people surgery、Primary care 3 people。 具体是: 病人总数38人:The total...

人物:小D,Super,外星人甲乙丙丁 剧本: It happened on December 24th, in the year 2008. At midnight, 小D woke up with a start when SUPER cut the cheese. 小D: I'm so hungry. SUPER: Do you need some cheese? 小D: No! I want a turk...

there are four people In my family。 they are my father, mother, sister and me。

如果是用作主语,是we four;如果是宾语,是us four;our four没有这个说法吧


帮我用英文把这四个人的介绍一次 谢谢各位大神 分享| 2016-04-09 16:57 ...3"知道翻译:最后一个是对的咯哇, 追问: ... 评论 | 0 0 分享 其他类似...

There are four people in my family, my father and mother and brother have a happy family. The first is I, this year 17 years old, junior year of high school in general, learning. Character is certainly optimistic and cheerful, ...

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